There’s a old story about a Cherokee elder, speaking to his grandson, carefully explaining to the child one of life’s truths.

“Inside me, there is a terrible battle. I have two wolves. And they fight at each other all the time.”

“One of these wolves is terrible. He is fear, and shame. He’s hate, and jealousy, and rage. He’s despair, and sorrow, and ego.”

“The other wolf is love, and kindness, justice, truth and peace. He’s empathy, generosity, and harmony.”

“I have these wolves inside me, battling. And you have them too, both of them. And every single person you meet has this great fight, these two wolves, never resting, always trying to overcome the other.”

The little child was quiet a while, considering theremarkable news about this internal struggle.

“But grandfather… which one of them will win in the end?”

“It’s simple. The wolf that will win, is the one that you feed.”

Pick the winner, and nourish it within you.

Photo attribution: CC Generic 2.0
Feed your friend


  1. I love this — great post Catherine and so very, very true!

  2. I love this too:-) timeless message that all ages can understand and learn from. Thanks Catherine

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