You have tried a lot of self-help books and while some have been beautiful many have not stuck with you. and how could they? they are not from your own sweet self. And you have an open mind about energies and therapies and yet have a healthy scepticism about what might or might not just be someone else’s snake oil.
You have harboured or probably just below the surfaces harbour some huge breathtaking dreams that won’t leave you alone, even if you try to distract yourself with vast amounts of fake-life drinking, socialising, working or putting others first…
WARNING: just like a limb starting to feel again after going numb, recovering and thawing your dreams can be painful. It’s worth it.
You do the work that you do well but perhaps the passion has faded and you wonder where the challenge and original enthusiasm has gone. Perhaps you are wondering whether you can just find it again, and pull yourself back to that place again after all, it used to be so easy.

Perhaps you feel or know that it is time to move on but you are trapped with:
1) identifying yourself with your current work
2) being sceptical about whether what your heart yearns to do will ever make enough money or as much as you are making now
3) being “locked” into a lifestyle?
Me: I have been there too. Let’s explore the possibilities at least and ask a few questions. No commitment to leaving or changing. yet :)
I like working with energetic people that are a little lost. Are you that kind? A lot of people are. A lot of people feel that there is more to life and that maybe something is just passing them by. You’re not ill and you’re functioning perfectly well in society, but you might just feel “confused”.
Do you ever feel that you are not really connected to what you WANT to do and you either don’t know what it is or don’t believe it is sensible or possible to get there?
Have you had some sort of fundamental change or shakeup in your life?