So, a life-coach, what is that?
Coaching is about bringing energy to your life, bringing out high energy feelings and the expression of yourself and your talents. You’ve come to coaching because you are curious and hoping that there is a solution that will help you to finally uncover what it is that you were meant to do and out of all the talents that you have (and I know that you have many just because of the extraordinary combination of skills it takes just to come to a website) which ones to really focus on for your and the greater good.

…but why is it called life coach?

Well, because it is about helping people live with intention, and take responsibility for their life and realise that they have a choice about their own happiness. And it is a person that makes the client exercise hard in an emotional or mental way

life and coach

Before you think that you will end up spending months or years on working out what you want to do and moving towards it, stop!

You’ll probably need 4-10 sessions with me. I’ll make sure that you work with and know the tools to coach yourself and after that you can just connect with me on an adhoc basis for when you need a topup.

Must you be a psychologist or something?

Think of it this way: psychologists and doctors help sick people get well. Coaches help well people get GREAT. You see this with sports coaches, and it’s the same with life-coaches. We help people figure out what their real goals and priorities are, the secrets to your own happiness, and we push you or support you *as you require* to move towards those.

More than that… a life coach teaches you skills that you can take away with you and use whenever you want to.