Improve one interaction with someone that you care about.

Heartplays are about practising getting your needs met in a less scary way, so that you can apply your best heart-driven strategy in the tough moments of important relationships instead of being too paralysed to get your needs met or reacting defensively.

It’s time to work out a Heartplay when you have the the same repeated interactions and conversations and

  • you are trying to communicate something and you’re not able to make that clear
  • you regret something that you said or the way you respond is not true to you
  • you didn’t speak up for what you need at all
  • you’re not even sure how to express or do what’s best for you

A Heartplay is a practice for relationships . A way to practise improving one interaction with someone that you care about. It’s not about fixing the whole relationship, it’s just about the single interaction – and with improving that interaction, you can start to nudge that relationship in the ideal direction that really matches your values for it at calmer times.

Schedule a 15 minute Heartplay session with me

In 15 minutes we will identify and practise improving one interaction with someone you care about. We will work together to figure out ways for you to ask for what you need in ways that don’t come across as criticism and don’t trigger the interaction to go down the same old routes. Then we will work on simple situations where you can practise your Heartplay so that you can use it when you need it.

The word Heartplays is a reminder that this is about lightness and that at heart you’re really just wanting to improve a relationship an interaction at a time.

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