FUN is always the answer

So, I was trying to decide on something simple: to take the bus or to cycle?

I posed this question to a wise friend. And wisely she replied:

Which option feels like more fun?

This answer really got me thinking.

Firstly, it meant I instantly knew the answer. Of course biking is more fun. I love being on a the bike, specially riding over crunchy autumn leaves in sunshine and fresh air, with a fjord and mountains and the magnificent skies of Stavanger.

Daily commute home...

But there is more to it than that:  when “fun” is the way we lead our lives, when “play” is the rule of the day, this doesn’t mean that we just lie around and do nothing.

  • I get some of my most energetic exchanges from coaching and using all the skills and training that I have learned. None of this learning has seemed like “work”.
  • Building a website was fun! (thanks to Paul my long-suffering webguy)
  • Writing these blogs is something I love, and looking for photos is FUN!
  • Going to the gym and hearing a great new dance-track for the first time and then biking to the rhythm with a class full of like-minded people while feeling how wonderfully my heart and muscles are working with me, that’s FUN!
  • Putting together a party, texting friends, planning a new wardrobe, writing happy birthday to a friend, getting a coffee and building social connections – these are all fun too, although to some people they might look like work.
  • My sister finds almost nothing cheers her up or delights her as much as grabbing her BRIGHT PINK!!! ipod and taking 10 overexcited dogs for a run.

I am starting to realise that a fun-led life can be full of action  and very productive, but it doesn’t weigh me down. It doesn’t drain my energy; on the contrary it fuels it.

Some days I have things that feel like “shoulds” and like work, and then my energy starts to dip.  The key is to recharge and refresh with fun.

And here is the key – fun is subjective. What is fun to me might not be fun to you. You may watch me having fun and think it looks like I am working…  and you might be sorting your jewellery collection and having a blast, and I don’t even know it.

No one else can tell you where to find your fun, so it is a great way to check on whether you are on track for your ideal life. Use the fun-o-meter to decide what to do for yourself.

“What’s the more fun option?” will lead to an answer that connects to your essential self. Try it!

Photo attribution: CC 2.0
Girl with bubbles (concentrating hard)
Running with dogs:

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