Cruising altitude

I spend a lot of time kicking against routine. I know a many people do, mostly because the routine seems BORING… it feels like I am not really getting anywhere if I am doing the SAME THING at the SAME time regularly…

- it feels boring
- I think that I am losing other opportunities
- I don’t want my days to all feel the same
- new experiences make me feel like I am living and experiencing more…

BUT, here’s a thing to think about:

Did you know that a bird or an aeroplane or a space shuttle burn almost 10 times their fuel when taking off compared to cruise altitude?

(We allow one ton taxi fuel for ground operations (fixed), 300kg an hour for APU burn, about 35 ton an hour through the take off roll, and approximately 10 ton an hour during cruise. These are grossly generalised figures, as it depends on altitude, temperature, weight etc. – 747 engineer)

Take off, in the case of an aeroplane, is also the most dangerous time in the flight, and along with the landing, takes the most attention from the pilot. These are times when nothing else is possible to do except focus on the job at hand.

Imagine if a plane were to take off and land and take off and land and take-off-and-land all the way to its destination? it would be exhausting, it would burn a lot of fuel, and the demands on the pilots would be beyond straining… and lead to almost inevitable errors.

Cruising altitude uses far less fuel and is a period of relative rest while the plane is actually travelling far faster than it does on take-off.

So, here’s the thing:

I realised that if my time is completely spontaneous, I actually have to do a lot more work. I have to burn up a lot more of my energy and resources for not that much gain…

- If I want to go biking, I need to find my equipment, and check (possibly even pump) tyres
- starting a completely new project at work takes getting to know all the work processes and people and planning of the stages of the work, before anything happens
- cooking a completely new meal takes shopping and planning and lists and consideration
- to get friends together spontaneously takes rather a lot of texting or phoning to coordinate

While the launch can be exhilarating, and it’s great to bust yourself out of a rut, there’s not a lot to be said for reinventing absolutely new ways to do the same thing every day.

If you know you want get up and go to the gym, why make it a treasure hunt for socks EVERY TIME?

Why make up all the tools and processes for a project EVERY TIME?

Is there a point to creating something elaborate just to avoid routine?

Routine is an efficient necessity. You know where things are, you have some predictability and you don’t need to plan or react to new situations.  If there are things you need to do regularly, BUILD THEM IN AS FOUNDATIONS.

Routines are like cruising altitude – use your energy to get the basics sorted out once and then… maintain…

Serene, efficient, and a great view...

Photo attribution: CC 2.0

Gull taking off

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