Hi everyone,

I read this tip in an amazing book I am reading called The Big Leap, by Gay Henricks. It’s a book about finding and conquering your inner fears.

While I am not even NEARLY through the book yet, and there are signs of other golden ideas already, I wanted to share this right now.

The difference between fear and excitement is breath.


Well, it’s like this: when you feel fear, you probably hold your breath. But then it follows that… ( this is where this tip really got me thinking…)

What if it ALSO works the other way around? what if HOLDING YOUR BREATH is what causes the fear, or at least increases it?

Apparently this is what happens.

When you feel excitement, and hold your breath, you experience fear… when you feel fear and  b r e a t h e into it, you feel excitement and exhilaration.

I got a chance to try this on the slopes immediately, just yesterday. When I took a look at the snow and got a bit anxious, I realised I was holding my breath with anticipation

When I deliberately breathed into the skiing, wow, it all just flowed into fun.

I’m going with this theory for now.  :)

Woooohooooo! *breathe*

Breathing the exhilaration!

Picture attribution: CC 2.0
Ski jump


  1. What a brilliant thought! I’m going to work with this!

  2. I think there can be a lot of truth in this thought! Thanks :)

  3. true… me a guinea pig in this experiment…. Holding the breath doesnt do anything to the direction of Skiis.. Infact no matter what you do direction of movement is not in control… haha

  4. It works! I suddenly found myself in a position being all knotted up and oh yes – holding my breath. I did as you suggested and breathed in to it and all anxiety vanished. Instead a small giggle :-O

  5. hmmm… but maybe breathing makes it seem less worrisome! ;)

  6. agree… breathing makes it less worrisome… :)

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