Connection is what I am all about.
High-energy and talkative, I also love to listen deeply and profoundly and have qualified with Nancy Kline in her Time to Think training. I am currently training in life-coaching with the infinitely talented Martha Beck (who coaches Oprah).

Happiness is all in our own hands, and I have been learning the truth of how to bring that philosophy into my own living, and would love the opportunity to show you how your thinking and your life can be profoundly joyful, entirely through your own choices.

I have over a decade of international IT and business consulting experience with all the intrusion of “real life” that can bring. Red eye flights, meeting dozens of new people in new industries at short notice and high-pressure deadlines for “big business” were the hallmarks of my working life, until the realisation that¬†… I was climbing a ladder for all I was worth, but was that ladder really against the right wall?

This question led me to leave big consulting and start contracting free-lance work as an IT programmer and development manager, and building up my life has become, well, a life’s work.

I am passionate about many hobbies, valuing variety and experience. Over the past few years I have tried (and in many cases stuck with) rock climbing, operatic singing, belly dancing, cycling, sailing, hiking, computer gaming.

This is an invitation to have a conversation and see whether we connect. Let’s discuss coaching, and where you might be stuck and looking for a life coach to help you to steer yourself to a new life or a new way of experiencing your current life.

Ready? let’s start