A twist on perfect




What do you see if you look at your hand
as though it is the first hand you have ever seen?


For a moment erase everything you know about hands and really see your hand.
See it moving
Look at the lines and contours
Count the fingers
Grasp something gently
Press something hard
Run your fingertips incredibly softly over something and feel its texture

It’s a complete miracle.

and it’s perfect.

In the absence of judging or comparing, isn’t your hand magnificent?

You can get lost forever in the incredible machine that is your hand, and the springs and tendons and webbings and muscles of it. It is amazing!

And then, as a completely outrageous gift, you control it completely!


So… now, if you pull away and say, “well, I know hands. This is a second-rate hand.”

It almost seems a ridiculous thing to say, once you have seen it for what it is.

But if you compare it to other hands… suddenly…. there is loss and despair.

Comparison is an evil, and it erases the perfect.

If you take away any comparison to any other hand that you have ever seen before, then isn’t it exactly what it needs to be?


Which of these flowers is not perfect? And at which stage of it’s life?

Photo attrib: CC2.0

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