Why life coaching?

When I first heard about this, I hoped that it would be the answer. I have bought a lot of self-help books before and there are some great ones.
Here’s the thing: the answer really is inside you. You have it, the things that make you happy. You don’t need permission to do the things that you want to do, from anyone but yourself.

Radical? Yes, perhaps.
Scary? You bet.

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What is life-coaching?

So, a life-coach, what is that?
Coaching is about bringing energy to your life, bringing out high energy feelings and the expression of yourself and your talents. You’ve come to coaching because you are curious and hoping that there is a solution that will help you to finally uncover what it is that you were meant to do and out of all the talents that you have

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Who are YOU, if you have come to visit this site?

You have tried a lot of self-help books and while some have been beautiful many have not stuck with you. and how could they? they are not from your own sweet self. And you have an open mind about energies and therapies and yet have a healthy scepticism about what might or might not just be someone else’s snake oil.

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How can coaching help

Coaching is a solid step forward, with a trained, objective, real human being. A coach doesn’t have anything invested in how you “should” change or whether it is going to affect me. And a coach can tell you the truth or set you homework in a way that might not work for your current friendships. Sometimes your friends can’t help, because they are stuck in the same way. Sometimes they just don’t have the resources or time or experience to help you.

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